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Above you will see my IFrame, it has some really cool content in it but unfortunately it's too big for the IFrame. Click on each of the three links to see three attempts at resizing the IFrame.

I have tested this method in all browsers I have available to me (Safari 2.0.4, FF, IE 6, Opera 9.02, FF 1.0.7, IE 5 and IE 5.5 Standalone) and they all behaved the same (test1 didn't work, test2 and test3 did).

I was hoping to be able to demonstrate a way of total two-way communication between the IFrame and it's parent page, using another IFrame that I would make new page requests to, but I realised there's no way to have IFrame 1 access IFrame 2 without going via the parent. If someone thinks of a way to do it though let me know.